Meet Lyss


Alyssa “Lyss” Lamanna

Alyssa "Lyss" Lamanna

My name is Alyssa Lamanna and I’m 26 years old. My friends call my Lyss.

I am an Honours Graduate of the Early Childhood Education Program offered though Mohawk College in April 2015. I began tutoring in September of 2017 and have since than taught over twenty children with a variety of needs and many different personalities. I pride myself on helping little ones reach their full academic potential. I work to achieve this by using a range of materials such as subject-focused flashcards and books with messages of encouragement.

A unique thing about me is that I have Cerebral Palsy, sometimes called CP, and use a wheelchair and have a service dog to help me.

Being that I do use a wheelchair, I use my home as my “classroom” for tutoring.

I believe all children can learn and succeed! It is my passion and purpose to help each individual student unlock that potential and grow in to the amazing person they are intended to be.

My promise to you and your child is to help them learn new ways to learn and approach difficult subject matter.  I will remain patient, instill confidence, and be committed to your child’s success.



Lyss dog Blondie


My beloved Blondie was my assistant for years, but is no longer with me.
I look forward to receiving my new service dog soon!


“Cerebral palsy” literally breaks down as cerebral = “of the brain” and palsy = “lack of muscle control”. In other words: a lack of muscle control due to an injury to the developing brain. Cerebral palsy (CP) is a medical diagnosis that professionals use to describe a wide variety of conditions. CP is an umbrella term and it is important to remember that every individual who has CP is unique. It can be helpful to educate oneself on common traits and causes of CP (please see our Guide to Cerebral Palsy), however these generalizations do not apply to everyone.

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